Dr. Richard Chen

Dr. Richard Chen

Dr. Richard has over 25 years of experience in family practice. He received his MD with honors from Albany Medical College. He has studied extensively in Functional and Integrative Medicine, earning certification as a Functional Medicine physician.  

Richard Chen MD brings functional medicine answers to chronic illness and adds the understanding of genetic testing.

He specializes in working with genetics to figure out different health issues including Lyme infection, mold toxicity, fatigue and chemical sensitivity which are not getting better despite treatment and treatment of mood disorders such as depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and mood swings with supplements. He also does injections of ozone which helps long-standing tendon or bone issues such as knee arthritis, chronic neck pain, chronic back pain, and shoulder tendinitis/ arthritis. The ozone gas injection helps reduce pain, improve circulation to the area, improve the immune system, and improve the energy of the cells in the area so they can heal better.  

If you are interested in this, Dr. Chen offers 15-minute complimentary phone or office visit at Hill Park Medical Center in Sebastopol, CA (707) 861 7300 to discuss what he does. 

We are delighted to have his expertise available to patients in Fair Oaks twease call (916) 671 1780 or email our office if you’d like an appointment with Dr. Chen in Fair Oaks.